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Cash Advance

This service is like a power-up in Super Mario Brothers. A quick infusion of financial power, check out what it can do for you.

Cash Advance

So, you're in a bit of a dire state. Your rocket pod is low on fuel and you just know that Derek at Orbital Platform 9 isn't going to take an IOU from you, because he's a jerk like that. You figure you can just get enough fuel to get to his place, but what are you going to do after that? Without any cash, you can't pay him off. This is when an advance can save your tail.

A Short-term Financial Solution To The Rescue

Hit the internets, my pilot pal, and type "cash advance" into Google. You're going to find a lot of places that can deliver money into your InterGalBank account within 24 hours. If you can put off your trip to see Cheryl out on the outer rim by a day, you're all set with what a cash advance can do for you. You see, lenders just need three thing from you:

  1. Proof of ID. Your License or Passport should work just fine.
  2. Proof of Employment. Yeah, you've still got that job at the asteroid farm, right? Hah. I thought you were gonna quit mining those mold samples months ago.
  3. Checking or Savings account with a routing number. I know you've got one because you wrote me that bum check for the cybernetic arm. Jerk.

Dead simple, right? Getting the money you need is easy as that - 1 2 3. I know you can do orbital mechanics in your head, so that should be not an issue at all, right? With the right service, in fact, you may see the funds by the end of that business day, which is a great thing.

For more information on cash advance and payday loans, explore the rest of our satellite of fiduciary love.

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